In 2008 four teenage boys gave birth to me, Levitating Train Committee, in a dirty warehouse on the Mississippi. They impregnated each other with Rock n’ Roll, Delta Blues, Funk…even some Kinky Reggae. The noise by that river went on night after night, all night long. For a couple of years I lived in a barn. Some people said it was just a fling, that I’d move on when the guys got older, like a lot of bands I knew did.


But I didn’t, and they transcended the paradigmatic illusion, keeping me alive and feeding me anyone who would listen. If it weren’t for the steady diet of human soul- recycled into more soul- I don’t know if I’d be here now. Fast forward to the present and my dream has come true…me and my friends making sweet, sweet noise night after night…but with a much larger family than when we started. In addition to my musicians, several artists also help create me, the first to hop on the train (shortly after I was born in-fact) would be poet Ethan Zabel, my primary lyricist. A narrative of my unconscious, Ethan’s words breathe my life into the music, and without them I probably would have moved on like those other bands.



Members: Brandon Looney (vocals,guitar), Steve Slama (guitar,vocals), Stan Wellumson (drums), Anthony Horner (bass)








Dirty Talk:







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